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Original price was: 6000,00 $.Current price is: 5000,00 $.
Original price was: 4500,00 $.Current price is: 4000,00 $.
Original price was: 5000,00 $.Current price is: 4500,00 $.
Original price was: 23000,00 $.Current price is: 22300,00 $.
Original price was: 8000,00 $.Current price is: 7200,00 $.
Original price was: 15000,00 $.Current price is: 14400,00 $.
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4 Passenger Golf Saw X- Cart – Electric $5000

  • 48V DC drivetrain
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers aid in a smooth ride
  • State of charge meter

XCMG 8x4 25m3 dump truck XGA3310D2WE for sale 20 ton 24 cubic meter

Original price was: 15000,00 $.Current price is: 14400,00 $.

XCMG dump truck is designed for sand, stone, ore, ore powder, iron powder, construction slag and other different loads. Based on the construction site and urban road driving, it has a series of products of heavy load type, composite type and urban construction slag type. This kind of product is characterized by strong power and efficient transportation, and has passed thousands of industrial verification experiment. After three years of practice and improvement, the power system, steering system and braking system have been comprehensively optimized and improved, which is more suitable for all kinds of heavy loads and complex working conditions. It has the obvious advantages of high bearing capacity, high reliability, high safety and high economy.

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XCMG XCS4531K 45 ton Port Container Mobile Reach Stacker Crane

Original price was: 10500,00 $.Current price is: 9600,00 $.
XCMG Supplier 45 Ton Reach Stacker for Containers 15m Mobile Reach Stacker Crane XCS4531K for sale. XCMG XCS4531K 45 t container reach stacker with best working efficiency and complete safety measures. Unique low speed large torque optimal transmission chain, innovative oil cylinder differential control technology and vertically lifting spreader technology contribute to highest working efficiency in the industry.
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XCMG Official 200KW 250KVA Water Cooled Super Silent Diesel Power Generator

Original price was: 18000,00 $.Current price is: 17200,00 $.
XCMG generator sets provide customers with reliable, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and intelligent backup power source and base station power supply. It can be widely used in mines, ports, communications, transportation, airports, hotels, data centers and other industries. It is suitable for special environments such as isolated islands, deserts, mountains and extremely weather regions.
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